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Roll Bending

June 27, 2022/

Our roll bending/roll balance system is unique in the industry due to the manner that they incorporate state-of-the-art electronics into the controls section of the valve assembly. We manufacture the…

High Pressure/High Flow Valve

June 27, 2022/

Fluid Logic has earned a reputation for our ability to design and manufacture valve and valve systems for our core industries and is gaining recognition in emerging industries including solar and…

Descaling Valve System

June 27, 2022/

Our standard product line is designed to withstand pressure of 5,000 psi using a variety of fluids that include raw water, 95/5 and other low viscosity fluids. We designed and…

De-Ionized Water Flushing

June 27, 2022/

The de-ionized water flushing system manifold was built to withstand the demands of air travel using 316 stainless steel. We incorporated advanced ceramic technology that delivers the required cleaning for…

Pump Unloading

June 27, 2022/

Our pump unloading valve is an example where we take standard sized components and design a customized valve package to save energy. This pump is used by industries requiring a…

Pipe Testing

June 27, 2022/

Our pipe testing manifolds detects flaws in finished products before use of a user. The use of standard Fluid Logic components made from a combination of salt bath nitriding carbon…

Aluminum Billet Caster

December 16, 2021/

This product was designed to control the vertical casting cylinder descent in the process of casting aluminum ingots for future extruding and or rolling operations. Incorporation of standard sized components…

Subsea Valve

December 16, 2021/

Fluid Logic has reputation of manufacturing valve and valve systems that operate in extreme conditions including offshore drilling. Using the latest equipment including high-tolerance grinders and measuring equipment, our skilled workers…

Valve Stands

December 16, 2021/

Fluid Logic is one of the leading manufacturers of standard hydraulic valves and systems for high water based and low viscosity fluids. However, we are rapidly gaining attention for their ability…

Fluid Logic is the premiere manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems for high water based (HWCF) and low viscosity hydraulic fluids



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