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Fluid Logic is the premiere manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems for high water based (HWCF) and low viscosity hydraulic fluids

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Powerful Leaders in Hydraulic Valve Engineering

Fluid Logic was established in 1994 as a manufacture of Zero Leak Poppet based directional control valves for “Low Viscosity” and “High Water” Based Soluble Oil fluids found regularly in the steel and aluminum industries. These high water content fluids were used because of their non-combustible nature and safety around hot metal. Special materials and techniques are engineered into our products to handle the erosive nature of low viscosity fluids at high pressures that quickly damage conventional hydraulic spool type valves.

  • Water Hydraulics
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Pilot Valves 

Featured Projects

Industries Served

Steel and Primary Metals

  • Rolling Mill Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Descaling Applications

Cast Iron Pipe Industry

  • Main Pipe Casting Valves
  • Core Setters
  • Pipe Pullers

Tire Press Industry
Aluminum Mills

  • Hot Mill Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Cold Mill Finishing

Forging and Extrusions Presses
Mining Industry
Subsea Industry

  • ROV Systems
  • Intervention controls
  • BOP Valves

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Well Head Controls
  • BOP Valves

Wind Energy

Valve Technology

Cartridge Assembly Solutions

Cartridge Assembly Solutions

Fluid Logic Inc. is a recognized producer of mill duty hydraulic valves, offering cartridge assembly solutions for various industrial applications. Our modular construction allows for 2 to 4 way, and dual function and multi-speed configurations. The cartridge systems are composed of 300 and 400 stainless steel, with seats made from durable hardened stainless steel and thermoplastic materials. Soft seats are rated for pressures less than 5,000 psi, and hard seats are applicable for pressures above that amount. Seal materials are abrasion resistant and self-lubricating, and are with incorporated O rings and BU seals. Our flexible cartridge solutions operate by direct solenoid, at pressures from 5,000 psi to 15,000 psi, and handle circuit flows from 10 to 12,000 GPM. Diameters range from DIN 10 (.5") to DIN 300 (12"). Our cartridge solutions are built to accept a range of media, including low viscosity hydraulic fluids, water 95/5, and kerosene based roll coolants, water glycols, high water content fluids, synthetic fluids, inverted emulsions, and mineral oil. All cartridge assemblies are 100% tested, employing pressure, leak, and functional testing methods to ensure the highest accuracy and integrity. Our flexible, high performance standard products are incorporated into systems for reliable and responsive results. For more details about our cartridge assembly solutions or other innovative hydraulic valves and systems please see the table below or contact us directly.
Ceramic & Spool Valve Solutions

Ceramic & Spool Valve Solutions

Fluid Logic Inc. is an experienced manufacturer of complete ceramic and spool valve solutions, with a number of options and flexible functions to suit demanding requirements. We offer systems featuring 4 way, 2 position and 3 position functionalities, with a choice of actuation devices for valve operation including direct solenoid, hydraulic, air, and manual. Valves are designed with a host of components including spool, sleeve, housing, and coils, along with options such as ATEX coils, proportional valve, proximity switches, and accurate spool position measurement by LVDT. The housing and valve material is a durable stainless steel, with ceramic material composing of the spool and sleeve, and abrasion resistant and self-lubricating O-ring and BU seals. Spool valve diameters are from .25 to .5" (D03 - D05), with match ground diametrical clearances. Our valves withstand pressures ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 psi, handling flow rates of 6 to 20 GPM, and coil voltages from 12V DC to 260V AC. Our ceramic and spool solutions are suitable for a range of industries, particularly the subsea and energy sectors. Customers can expect rapid and repeatable results, along with superior quality standards in compliance with ISO 9001 and NFPA regulations. In addition to our ceramic and spool solutions, we offer a menu of value added services including reverse engineering, complete design services, hydraulic circuits, and on-site installation.

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Fluid Logic is the premiere manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems for high water based (HWCF) and low viscosity hydraulic fluids



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