Our pump unloading valve is an example where we take standard sized components and design a customized valve package to save energy. This pump is used by industries requiring a high water based or low viscosity fluids including steel and aluminum mills in addition to oil drilling applications on land and undersea. As a result, we manufacture the valve system to provide many years of service under extreme conditions using salt bath nitriding carbon or stainless steel. While the function of this system is the same, dimensional size varies by the application and customer specifications.

  • Designed to take the flow and pressure from a fixed displacement pump that is charging an accumulator and re-direct the flow back to tank
  • Assemble standard sized components to develop a customized functional valve package
  • Typically salt bath nitride carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Often used in steel and aluminum mills as well as oil field and Subsea oil drilling applications

Fluid Logic is the premiere manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems for high water based (HWCF) and low viscosity hydraulic fluids

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