About Us

Fluid Logic was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of Zero Leak Poppet based directional control valves for “Low Viscosity” and “High Water” Based Soluble Oil fluids found regularly in the steel and aluminum industries. These high water content fluids were used because of their non-combustible nature and safety around hot metal. Special materials and techniques are engineered into our products to handle the erosive nature of low viscosity fluids at high pressures that quickly damage conventional hydraulic spool type valves.

Fluid Logic quickly established its’ products as a leader in the metals industry and replaced large percentages of the traditional packed plunger styled valves installed in mills throughout North America and in the UK, India, Australia, Russia and other countries.

Continued development of the product has allowed Fluid Logic to actively enter other industries such as Subsea, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Wind Energy, Entertainment, Military and others.

Fluid Logic continues to engineer valving solutions and integrated system design for any application where conventional hydraulic solutions do not provide adequate performance. Our specialties include:

  • Water Hydraulics
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Pilot Valves from Hunt, Salem & Parker

Zero leak poppet technology – Allows leak free systems on any hydraulic fluids including raw water. Fluid Logic blends advanced technologies into the design of directional control valves, proportional valves, descale valves, pressure control valves, isolation valves and other engineered specialty products.

  • The use of ceramic technology allows valves to perform with No Filtration Requirement.
  • Ceramics provide superior extended service life over valves manufactured with conventional materials.
  • Products designed for demanding environments (steel, aluminum, forging and extrusion presses, casting, tire presses, hydro-forming and subsea).
  • Globally supported through strategic alliances.

Fluid Logic is the premiere manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems for high water based (HWCF) and low viscosity hydraulic fluids



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