Our pipe testing manifolds detects flaws in finished products before use of a user. The use of standard Fluid Logic components made from a combination of salt bath nitriding carbon steel, stainless steels and ceramics, provided a manifold to test pipe strength using the customer’s testing sequence. In testing, the manifold allows the pipe to be filled with raw water or 95/5 fluids and then purging residual air. They follow this by intensifying pressure in the pipe, testing for the ability to handle pressure specified by the customer for specified amount of time using multiple pressure selections. In the event that the pipe is defective, they build in a relief system, maintaining safety at all times. After the test completion, their decompression function safely releases pressure and drains the pipe. Because they take product reliability and safety as seriously as their customers do, they thoroughly test their test manifolds for functionality and pressure accuracy.

  • These manifolds are using either Raw Water or a 95/5 high water based soluble oil fluids to pressurize finished pipe to burst strength to customer specs
  • Utilizing standard Fluid Logic components to develop the circuit to perform customer’s testing sequence
  • Salt Bath Nitriding Carbon Steel, Stainless Steels and Ceramics
  • The manifold allows the pipe to be filled and then purges residual air from pipe, the pipe is intensified to a test pressure for a specified duration of time, finally a decompression function is completed to safely release the built up pressure and then the pipe is drained

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